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Rate A Company

Let’s Build South Africa offers registered members a rating service to allow end users to evaluate individual companies based on their understanding of their field of expertise, professional standards of conduct, responsiveness and general appearance in a way that is reasonable, sometimes anonymous, with the intention of improving services and recognizing achievements.

Why are ratings important?

Good reviews are important to any business and your feedback is important! Other members of the community can benefit from your experience, and will be able to evaluate the trustworthiness of the member you rate more easily.

The more ratings you have, the more trustworthy your profile becomes, thus making it easier to share your capabilities and competence with other members.

The deaf community has also been looking for a way to express their service satisfaction.

Convert Ratings to work for your company

Negative reviews are unavoidable, but their negative impact is not!

When handling negative customer sentiment, it’s imperative to remain objective, avoid getting defensive and personal and remain e fair when you evaluate the complaints. When you can resolve a customer issue, you reduce their likelihood of socializing the initial effect but rather create a ripple effect of goodwill that can enhance an overall prompt and more positive engagement.

The primary aim is to take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

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