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"Request a Quote" as easy as 1,  2,  3...

Let’s Build South-Africa offers a "request a quote" service for all users allowing everyone to request assistance and/or a quote for individual work required.

The process is as follows:-

  1. Click "Get a Quote" on the home page and fill in all required details as requested, including the applicable category and a brief description of the works to be done. Then click "Get Quotation"
  2. "Let’s Build South-Africa" will then send your request to ALL registered members on Let’s Build South-Africa featuring under the given category, and will also subsequently inform you to how many users your request was distributed.
  3. The Registered Member on "Let’s Build South-Africa" will receive your request and will have the option to respond directly to you as applicable. All future correspondence will then happen between you and the Registered Member, resulting in an appropriate connection established to attend and finalize your initial request.